Weekly Motivation from Dora

How time flies! I will be 60 years old by the end of the Year. Looking back, my life is full of challenges and joy, yet live life at its best! It is a journey full of learning and explorations, and as times goes by, I have cultivated and formed my own life philosophy.

In the coming year, I’d like to humbly share those pearls of wisdom and thoughts with everyone I love on Wednesdays through email, web site (DoraHoan.com), Face Book and etc with this Weekly Motivation. Please do forward it to anyone you love if you find it helpful.

From Ms Dora Hoan with love.

2013年到来了!而在今年尾我將登陸了。 登陸並不代表上岸而是说已经年甲六十(六十就是陸拾)。回想自己一生可说是沒白活,因为是多姿多采、有苦有乐、有曲有折、逢迥路轉,这一生充満学习与探搜、是经验也是磨练,久而久之,造就了自己的一套人生哲学。

我希望把这些智慧点滴与所有我所愛的全美人共享!接下来的一年里,每周三我將会通过电邮,网站(DoraHoan.com ) 以及
Face Book 面薄 (Hoan Dora)和大家共享我的"总裁毎周勵语 ",你可以再轉发给所有你所愛的人!



31st December

52nd Note: The Way to Harmony

Get away from disputes with silence
Get away from vexation with forbearance
Gain achievement with diligence
Gain happiness with friendliness

From Ms Dora Hoan with love



非常爱您的 DORA 执笔。

26th December

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25th September

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18th September

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11th September

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7th September

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28th August

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21st August

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14th August

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7th August

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31st July

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24th July

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17th July

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10th July

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3rd July

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26th June

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19th June

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12th June

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5th June

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29th May

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22nd May

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15th May

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8th May

19th Note: Inner Power: You are What You Think of Yourself and Others

1st May

18th Note: Time Management – Procrastination is the Biggest Obstacle to Success

24th Apr

17th Note: Time Management – Follow Up

17th Apr

16th Note: The Habit to Success – Give Yourself Deadline

10th Apr

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3rd Apr

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27th Mar

13th Note: Leader’s Qualities: Burning Desire to Succeed

20th Mar

12th Note: Leader’s Qualities: The Brave is Invincible

13th Mar

11th Note: Leader’s Qualities: People Skills vs. Capability

6th Mar

10th Note: Good Habits Transform Life

27th Feb

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20th Feb

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6th Feb

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30th Jan

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23rd Jan

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16th Jan

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9th Jan

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2nd Jan

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