Here you get to know me a little bit more intimately, beyond my corporate profile as CEO of Best World International and my long years of experience in the direct selling industry. You get to see the many hats I wear as a citizen and as a mother, as an advocate for change, as a woman who dared to dream and as an individual who realised that we can all live the best life!



2017 14th Oct
Ms Dora Hoan was presented with the Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award, from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), in recognition of the outstanding achievements that bring honour and distinction to the University.

2017 Oct
Ms Dora Hoan has been formally appointed as the Secretary of the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDSA) at the Board of Directors meeting and CEO Council Meeting of WFDSA in Paris. Ms Hoan is also the first Asia CEO to hold this position.

Vision & Philosophy

Branding Formula

Ms Dora Hoan shared her wisdom on branding during the Alibaba Group Networking Session for Outstanding Netrepreneurs Brand Breakthrough.

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